Western Lake at sunset

Hey!  I sold the first painting I did of Western Lake almost as soon as I posted it, and I enjoyed doing it so much, I’m working on another one, from a slightly different angle and at a different time of day.  Hope you like it, and please feel free to comment!

Edited 10-13-2016 : Sold

Western Lake near Grayton Beach FL, just before sunset

This is a view I’ve seen so many times, I almost took it for granted until my sister suggested that I might want to paint it.  She sent me a photo and I did, and now all I want to paint are images of the lakes around the panhandle of Florida.  I love the beach, but frankly, it’s not as interesting to paint.  This just sold (YAY!!!), and may be one of my all-time favorites.  I’ve found several other photographs of Western Lake at different times of the day, from different angles, etc., so I will probably do a series of these

The Joshua Tree

Where the road meets the sky

the Joshua tree signed

I painted this for my beloved, who lived in Arizona for 20 years, and still misses the desert.  It is a Joshua Tree as depicted in a photograph I found online, whose creator was not named.

Peace: Part 3 of the Katrina Trilogy

Peace - part 3 of the Katrina series

This is the final painting in the Katrina trilogy, called “Peace.” After days of furiously painting in a whirlwind of emotion, I felt at peace. I was finally able to live with the grief, the anger, the frustration and the bitter disappointment in the way our country dealt with what was, in New Orleans, a man made tragedy that could have been prevented. The piece reminds me of the healing power of water and of the ancient and majestic cypress trees that live in the water of our swamps and bayous. This is home to me, still chaotic and wild, but returned to the cool green and blue shades of clean water. Thank you for participating in my story.

UPDATE:  This is now living at the U.S. Embassy in Latvia per the request of Ambassador John Carwile.

City in Flames

City in Flames - part 2 of the Katrina series


This was the second in the Katrina series, which I painted a day or so after I finished This is Katrina. It is the visual representation of the passion, the anger and the loss that New Orleanians felt during the days shortly after the storm, when it seemed as if we had been abandoned by our government and left to fend for ourselves in a world gone mad. There were actual fires, too, of course, with no one there to put them out. People watched their homes and their way of life burn to ashes. It is called City in Flames and like anything engulfed in flames, something new must emerge.

Sunrise on the Marsh


This is from a photograph sent to me by one of my oldest friends, a New Orleans native who spends every minute he can in the bayous, swamps, marshes and lakes, hunting and fishing.  Because this pastime requires early awakening, he is able to get some of the most beautiful shots of very dramatic times of the day.  Here is my version of it.  It’s now living at his house.  I hope his wife likes it!