Another new work to be featured at Acceleration Art and Photography Gallery’s September exhibit, Trees.  Stop in at this unique gallery in historic Fountain Square for the opening on Friday, September 7.  I look forward to meeting you!

Arberi Autunnali

I just finished this yesterday and although it’s already sold, it will be featured at Trees, an exhibit at Acceleration Art and Photography Gallery in Historic Fountain Square starting Friday, September 7.  If you’re in Indianapolis, please come check out this exhibit featuring my work and that of Matthew Sheek and Sarah Rae Cote.  Hope to see you there!

Belle Bayou

I just finished this painting, inspired by another of John Snell’s stunning photographs.  It will be featured at Hotel Tango on Virginia Ave., near Fountain Square in Indianapolis as part of my solo exhibit.  Come check it out on First Friday, September 7, 2018.

Bayou Reflections

I’m working on this for an upcoming exhibit at IU Methodist Hospital, which recently opened an art gallery in their main lobby.  This is another painting inspired by a John Snell photograph.  Any feedback is welcome!

Spirit in the Night

I started this for fun and then it reminded me that we do have protectors, even when they seem to be absent.  This is another one for my Dad, who was my greatest protector when he was alive, and I know is still out there in the universe somewhere looking out for me.


Done and signed, and off to Acceleration Art and Photography Gallery in historic Fountain Square.  If I can’t be standing on the beach, I can paint it and look at it while hoping it speaks to someone else.


I grew up in New Orleans and my grandparents lived just a block from Lake Pontchartrain.  This reminds me of childhood days, looking at the sailboats from the sun parlor upstairs.  Sold!

I Am The Storm

This is a gift for my dear friend David, who is a warrior in the best possible way.  I have been wanting to do a painting for him for many years, but couldn’t think if what I wanted to paint until I ran across this quote (I apologize, but I have no idea who said it) I had saved from many years ago:


Fate whispers

to the warrior

“You cannot withstand the storm”

and the warrior

whispers back

“I am the storm.”


The image was inspired by a photograph by New Orleans news anchor and photographer extraordinaire, John Snell, with his permission.