This commissioned painting was a gift to the parents of the groom at the wedding of my best friend’s daughter that I attended last October in Maine. It was an extraordinarily beautiful evening and I took a photograph of the full moon rising just as the sun had set. That photo was the inspiration for the painting.

This commissioned painting was a gift to the parents of the groom at a wedding I attended in Maine last October.  I took the photo that inspired it and tweaked it a little to make a more interesting composition.

Julian’s Marsh

A friend sent me a group of photos of a marsh in Louisiana where he goes duck hunting, so I did this painting for him. Louisiana has some of the most spectacular landscapes in the country and are among my favorite subjects to paint.

Jane’s Sunset

This was a commission for one of my friends from high school days. I haven’t seen her for at least 30 years, but as with many of my old friends, we reconnected on Facebook. It makes me very happy to think of my painting in the home of an old friend.

Florida Swamp Scene

This was inspired by a painting done by a favorite Florida artist named Karim Gebahi, who was inspired by a Thomas Moran painting. There is something about this scene that is so comforting to me; perhaps it’s my fond memories of Florida, where I have spent a lot of wonderful times.

Debbie’s Trees

This is one of two commissioned paintings I’m doing for an old friend of the family. She recently redecorated her kitchen with the help of my talented interior designer sister, Shawn O’Brien, and wanted something to go with the tone of her newly renovated space. I’m about to start the next one!


This was a commission requested by an old friend from high school. She wanted an abstract with certain colors and a serene feel. I have to admit that I really struggled with this one, and it was also the biggest painting I had ever done. She was very pleased with it, so of course, I was, too.


This is an abstract I did as a “palate cleanser.” It is on its way back from living at the U.S. Embassy in Riga, Latvia for three years, at the request of Ambassador John Carwile himself. What an honor!

Pastel reflections

This was my first painting of 2019 and it just happened to be my first commission of the year as well.  A photograph by John Snell, newsperson and photographer of Louisiana, is once again the inspiration for my painting.