Peace: Part 3 of the Katrina Trilogy

Peace - part 3 of the Katrina series

This is the final painting in the Katrina trilogy, called “Peace.” After days of furiously painting in a whirlwind of emotion, I felt at peace. I was finally able to live with the grief, the anger, the frustration and the bitter disappointment in the way our country dealt with what was, in New Orleans, a man made tragedy that could have been prevented. The piece reminds me of the healing power of water and of the ancient and majestic cypress trees that live in the water of our swamps and bayous. This is home to me, still chaotic and wild, but returned to the cool green and blue shades of clean water. Thank you for participating in my story.

UPDATE:  This is now living at the U.S. Embassy in Latvia per the request of Ambassador John Carwile.

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