Preliminary work on Lake near Grayton Beach, Florida

I love the Florida panhandle, and especially the area from Pensacola to Rosemary Beach.  It’s my happy place, and there is nothing more soothing and soul satisfying to me than walking along those pristine white beaches and taking breaks to float or swim in the clear green salty water.  The colors there are my favorite color combinations on the planet:  the white of the dry sand, the light beige of the wet sand, and the cool pale green of the shallow water.  I never tire of those colors, as you would know if you ever walked into my house!  This painting is of a lake between Grayton Beach and the Watercolor Resort, which is just lovely in spite of the fact that I generally don’t like residential developments in which the houses all look alike.  In Watercolor, they resemble one another, but the use of the natural beauty in the area is striking,Preliminary painting of a lake near Grayton Beach (2) and each house has a unique personality.  The lakes in the area are lovely, though not my preferred places to swim.  I like to look at them and even though this painting will be for sale when it’s done, I’ll always get to look at it here.




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