Florida Swamp Scene

This was inspired by a painting done by a favorite Florida artist named Karim Gebahi, who was inspired by a Thomas Moran painting. There is something about this scene that is so comforting to me; perhaps it’s my fond memories of Florida, where I have spent a lot of wonderful times. It’s still available, but you might have to do some persuading for me to sell it to you!

Debbie’s Trees

This is one of two commissioned paintings I’m doing for an old friend of the family. She recently redecorated her kitchen with the help of my talented interior designer sister, Shawn O’Brien, and wanted something to go with the tone of her newly renovated space. I’m about to start the next one!

We Didn’t Start The Fire

This is another one that was part of my solo exhibit at IU Methodist Hospital, in the art gallery located in the lobby of the hospital. I was so thrilled to be asked to participate in this project. I can’t think of a better use for a hospital lobby than an art gallery. This painting is now in my dining room and it warms me up every day.


I’ve always been fascinated with mermaids.  I love the beach, although most beach themed decor bores me silly.  I decided to paint my own mermaid for my bathroom, which is my safe haven after a long day.  Here she is, shimmering in the surf.

Floating into the Sunset ~ another collaboration with Kat Silver

I did the background for this: the water, the sky and the beach itself.  Kat added the floating whales and the people on the beach looking up at them.  I love this painting, but  didn’t realize until last night that it could be about death.  I wasn’t consciously thinking about my father’s death when I painted this, but there it is.  It’s  eternally fascinating to me how art brings to the surface things that are floating around in your mind.

Western Lake with lavender sky

I just finished this painting for my sister, who suggested I do a painting of this iconic scene in Grayton Beach, Fl.  It’s been one of my most popular scenes and she was feeling a little unhappy that everyone else has a version of this, but she doesn’t have one.   Soon she will!

Western Lake – a gift for Remy

Sunrise through Sea Oats

This is from a photo I took of the sun coming up from behind a stand of sea oats in Pensacola Florida.  I found myself waking up every morning just as the sun was starting to peek out from the horizon.  I have a series of paintings of the sunrise from Pensacola beach that I will be working on during the cold winter ahead.


Western Lake at sunset

Hey!  I sold the first painting I did of Western Lake almost as soon as I posted it, and I enjoyed doing it so much, I’m working on another one, from a slightly different angle and at a different time of day.  Hope you like it, and please feel free to comment!

Edited 10-13-2016 : Sold

Western Lake near Grayton Beach FL, just before sunset

This is a view I’ve seen so many times, I almost took it for granted until my sister suggested that I might want to paint it.  She sent me a photo and I did, and now all I want to paint are images of the lakes around the panhandle of Florida.  I love the beach, but frankly, it’s not as interesting to paint.  This just sold (YAY!!!), and may be one of my all-time favorites.  I’ve found several other photographs of Western Lake at different times of the day, from different angles, etc., so I will probably do a series of these

Preliminary work on Lake near Grayton Beach, Florida

I love the Florida panhandle, and especially the area from Pensacola to Rosemary Beach.  It’s my happy place, and there is nothing more soothing and soul satisfying to me than walking along those pristine white beaches and taking breaks to float or swim in the clear green salty water.  The colors there are my favorite color combinations on the planet:  the white of the dry sand, the light beige of the wet sand, and the cool pale green of the shallow water.  I never tire of those colors, as you would know if you ever walked into my house!  This painting is of a lake between Grayton Beach and the Watercolor Resort, which is just lovely in spite of the fact that I generally don’t like residential developments in which the houses all look alike.  In Watercolor, they resemble one another, but the use of the natural beauty in the area is striking,Preliminary painting of a lake near Grayton Beach (2) and each house has a unique personality.  The lakes in the area are lovely, though not my preferred places to swim.  I like to look at them and even though this painting will be for sale when it’s done, I’ll always get to look at it here.